Hirth Martinez Muzic

Singer, Songwriter, Guitar Player, Poet 

Japan loves Hirth!

Live In Tokyo

Live in Tokyo!
This concert tour in Japan
 was produced by Yoshi Nagato.
Photo: John Simon on piano. 
Hirth on guitar.         

Did You Know?

 Altogether Alone is Hirth's most covered song.

It is featured on:
Gift, a popular Japanese miniseries, and in
Stardust Party, an operetta and TV movie for Disney, Japan
available on both Video and DVD!

Hirth created 3 songs for a Japanese CD commercial.

Hirth's song, All Things Possible 
was licensed for a Fortune 500 Japanese commercial.

Collaborations . . .

  • Hirth has co-written with Donald Fagon, of STEELY DAN. 
  • Recorded with John Sebastian of THE LOVIN' SPOONFUL. 
  • Composed three English lyrics for FANTASTIC PLASTIC MACHINE. 
  • Featured on BITTER RAIN with Valerie Carter on Sony Records.

Cover Songs . . .

A lot of musicians have covered Hirth's music over the years. Here are some CD's & DVD's

  1. ANGELS AT MY GATE - BUDAPEST LIVE DVD - Manfred Mann and his band
  2. ANGELS AT MY GATE - ANGEL STATION IN MOSCOW DVD -  Manfred Mann's Earthband
  3. ALTOGETHER ALONE - Ann Sally - "Slow Music, Various Artists"

  4. 5/4 SAMBA - Ann Sally - "Moon Dance" on Video Arts Music
  5. DO WRONG SHOES - Jackie Allen - "Tangled" - Blue Note 2006, "Do Wrong Shoes" music by Hirth Martinez and lyrics by Donald Fagen Steely Dan
  6. ALTOGETHER ALONE - D.C. Lee on Pony Records
  7. ALTOGETHER ALONE - "Gift" Soundtrack, Sony 
  8. ALTOGETHER ALONE - "The Stardust Party Soundtrack" - Disney 
  9. SLOWLY - Teresa Bright - "Crossing the Blue" - Dreamsville
  10. BARBADOS - Libby Titus on Columbia Records
  11. SATURDAY NIGHT - Tom Bresh on Columbia Records
  12. ANGELS AT MY GATE - Manfred Mann on Petbrook
  13. THE ANIMALS - Paul Butterfield on Bearsville
  14. NEVER THOUGHT I'D FEEL THIS WAY AGAIN - Julio Iglesius on Columbia