Hirth Martinez Muzic

Singer, Songwriter, Guitar Player, Poet 


Feeling So Fine 

Released in 2001 by Dreamsville Records. (Mini-CD)
Valerie Carter appears on this album.

Hirth Martinez:  guitars, bass, vocals and piano
Valarie Carter:  vocals: 
Van Dyke Parks : accordian
Yoshi Nagato:  producer
Hank Linderman:  engineer
Recorded in Culver City at Parsons Green

"Beautiful lilting melodies highlight perfect poetry."

Tracks by Hirth Martinez
1. Feeling So Fine
2. Sing with Me (The Little Angel)
3. 5/4 Samba from "I'm Not Like I Was Before"
4. Slowly from "I Love to Play for You"
5. Instrumental "Feeling So Fine"                                                                     

Produced by Yoshi Nagato, Japan, 2010

1. When I Say I Love You I mean it
2. Baby, I Love You
3. I Wonder Freely
4. Magic Fly (To Jordan)
5. What Is This Feeling?
6. It's Show Time
7. The Day We Both Knew (bonus track)
8. A Fairly Tale (bonus track


This album was released in 2000 by Dreamsville Records in Japan.

"A fantastic live performance you won't want to miss having in your collection!"

Tracks:  all songs written by Hirth Martinez

  1. Alarming the Stillness
  2. Somewhere in the Power of Her Love
  3. Circle Song
  4. Breaking My Heart
  5. Altogether Alone
  6. Girl
  7. Mothman Samba
  8. 5/4 Samba
  9. Slowly
  10. Daydream
  11. I'm Not Like I Was Before
  12. It
  13. These Days
  14. Busy Man
  15. Down Along the Cave
  16. Bye Bye Black Bird
  17. Little Angel
  18. Feeling So Fine

I'm Not Like I Was Before

Released in November of 1998 by Dreamsville Records in Japan.

"An outstanding collection of Hirth Martinez originals!"

  Credit 1
 :  Produced & arranged by John Simon
  Credit 2
 :  Recorded at Sear Sound, NYC, NY.
  Credit 3
 :  Engineered by Noah Evans

Tracks: all Songs by Hirth Martinez

  1. Old Friends
  2. 5/4 Samba
  3. I'm Mot Like I Was Before
  4. Sometimes/Always
  5. The Girl
  6. Busy Man
  7. For the Moment
  8. These Days
  9. Somewhere in the Power of Her Love
  10. Lonely and Blue
  11. Slowly
  12. All Things Possible


Meditation on Gratitude for your Body

"A transformative experience."

Featuring meditative solo guitar music by Hirth Martinez
Spoken word by Judith Indira Parsons ©2007/2010
Link:  theclearandsimpleway.com

The Big Bright Street

"If you find this great album, don't pass it up. Especially great are the following cuts: 
The Driver, Valley of the Music, and Nothin' Is New." -Richard Meyer, All-Music Guide

This album was released in 1977 by Warner Brothers Records.
Credit 1 : Produced & Arranged by John SimonCredit 2 : Recorded at Shangri-La Studio, LA. 

Tracks (all songs by Hirth Martinez)

  1. Nothin' Is New
  2. Love Songs
  3. Big Bright Street
  4. The Star
  5. The Mothman Samba
  6. The Moone Toone
  7. The Driver
  8. Cold And Silver Moment
  9. Valley Of The Music
  10. The Circle Song
  11. Only In America, Jim (AMG Rating: Best-of-Artist)

Hirth From Earth

"This record was produced by Robbie Robertson. His playing along with Garth Hudson's gives this a sound similar to that of the Band but laid over Martinez's unusual songwriting style. It's an idiosyncratic, and wonderful record." -Richard Meyer, All-Music Guide

This CD was released in 1975 by Warner Brothers Records.Credit 1 : Produced & Arranged by Robbie Robertson
Credit 2 : Recorded at Shangri-La Studio, LA.

Tracks (All songs written by Hirth Martinez)

  1. Altogether Alone
  2. Winter Again
  3. Djinji
  4. Be Everything
  5. Comin' Round the Moon
  6. It
  7. That's the Way It's Gotta Go
  8. Silent Movies
  9. Pity on the Fool
  10. I Don't Know Why the Hell
  11. Saturday Night
  12. Cold Dark Mornin'
  13. You Are a Star

Featured On

  • HARUOMI HOSONO STRANGE SONG BOOK - "Rockaby My Baby" ©2008

  • MEDITATION ON GRATITUDE FOR YOUR BODY spoken by Indira Parsons, solo meditative guitar music Hirth Martinez ©2008

  • BOUNCIN' a LITTLE - "Saturday Night"

  • HOAGYLAND: TRIBUTE TO HOAGY CARMICHAEL on Dreamsville "Baltimore Oriole" "In the Cool Cool Cool of the Evening"

  • BEAUTIFUL - Fantastic Plastic Machine: a Japanese Release "I'm a Still a Simple Man"

  • BEAUTIFUL - Fantastic Plastic Machine on Emperor Norton, USA  "I'm a Still a Simple Man"

  • CONTACT - Fantastic Plastic Machine on Emperor Norton Label  "I'm a Still a Simple Man"

  • BITTER RAIN with Valerie Carter on Sony Records "Feeling so Fine"
  • CROSSING THE BLUE with Teresa Bright, on Dreamsville "Slowly"

  • BITTER RAIN with Valerie Carter, "on Sony Records "Feeling So Fine"

  • FAST FOLK MUSICAL MAGAZINE at the Smithsonian Institute "Apache Tears"

  • DR. DEMENTO, "ALL MEAT" on Warner Bros. "She'll Be Coming Round the Moon"